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Barbara Lynch Names New Restaurant Menton

Photo: Justin Ide

Back in October we referred to Barbara Lynch’s “as-yet-unnamed” upcoming fine-dining project. Well that description no longer holds as the No. 9 Park maven has finally given it a name. It’s called Menton, but as Dishing points out, you don’t pronounce it like the city in New Jersey, you say it all French-like: “Mehn-TOHN,” after the city on the French Riviera. Due in February, the place will share a location with Drink, but will have its own bar. “On the menu: plenty of seafood and vegetables, with dishes such as sole with tomato gelee, hazelnut beignets, and confit piballes (baby eels),” writes Dishing. And it’s going to be fancy. “It’s very grown-up, basically, very glamorous. It’s a place you’ll want to go for an occasion, like an anniversary or a birthday,” Lynch told Grub Street in October. We’d prefer a trip to the Riviera, but Menton might just do.

Barbara Lynch’s new restaurant: Menton [Dishing/Boston Globe]

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Barbara Lynch Names New Restaurant Menton