The Other Critics

A Late Look at Sensing; Post 390 Stumbles

• Mat Schaffer gives a B+ to Sensing, which he’s reviewing after a year open for some reason. The food is good enough for him to forgive a major lapse in service. [Herald]

• Devra First has one and a half stars for Post 390. In terms of crowds, “Post 390 succeeded as soon as it opened. Now the restaurant needs to work on tasting as good as it looks.” [Globe]

• Arlington’s Pasha gets three stars from Robert Nadeau, which is “possibly the best of all” Boston’s Turkish restaurants. [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats enjoys Piattini: “this new, cozy, Italian spot…packs plenty of appeal.” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB stops by Newtonville’s Fiorella’s and finds “exactly the sort of joint that cheap-eats aficionados love to say they knew about before the Phoenix guy found it.” [Phoenix]

A Late Look at Sensing; Post 390 Stumbles