Z&H Takes Over U-Mart for Hyde Park Sandwich Dominance

Inside Z&H's 47th St. location
Inside Z&H’s 47th St. location Photo: courtesy Z&H Market

Beloved University of Chicago sandwich vendor (and purveyor of massively marked-up groceries) University Market is shutting its doors on December 13, the Maroon reported earlier this month, moving its sandwich-making facilities next door to share space with the takeout-only Medici Bakery. Now comes word via Hyde Park Progress that the space will become a branch of the perhaps even more beloved Z&H; Market Cafe, whose 47th Street location added a much-needed epicurean jolt to the Hyde Park-Kenwood border when it opened last year.

Z&H; co-owner Tim Schau told HPP that they’re planning to completely overhaul the space, rearranging the shelves, adding indoor seating, and installing a rolling glass shutter for an indoor-outdoor espresso bar. They’re also replicating the 47th Street location’s sandwich-heavy menu — themed stacks like the Mae Wilson (turkey, cheddar, bacon, guacamole, chipotle mayo, romaine lettuce on whole wheat) and the Blue Moo (grass-fed roast beef, Maytag bleu, pearl onion spread, tomato, mixed greens, mayo on French). The new Z&H; should be open before the end of the school year (that’d be June, for those of us living off the academic calendar). HPP notes that the Z&H; team will be chronicling the buildout process on their blog, though right now it’s just a teaser post promising tantalizing “interesting news.”

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Z&H Takes Over U-Mart for Hyde Park Sandwich Dominance