Will Fresh-N-Fast Be New York’s In-N-Out?

Photo: Sally Holmes

With P&B; up and running, Fresh-N-Fast aims to be the next entrant into the patty pageant. Heath Wolfson, a onetime nightclub promoter and owner who is now CEO of a chain of tattoo shops, Tattoo Nation, has teamed up with Igor Beyder, a finance guy, to open the first of what they hope will be many takeout joints. The first is due to open November 23 in the Flatiron. If the name and branding remind you of something, it’s probably not by accident. “In terms of the quality and consistency of the product, I would compare us to an In-N-Out,” Wolfson says. “We hope to have the same type of following.”

To get there, Wolfson is using a secret LaFrieda blend as well as “special sauce” that sounds similar to Shake Shack’s. The four-ounce patties, which are never frozen, are cooked medium on a flattop and served with American Jack on Martin’s potato buns (what else?). Also on the menu are fries, cheese fries, and vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry shakes.

Fresh-N-Fast, 111 E. 23rd St., nr. Park Ave. S.

Will Fresh-N-Fast Be New York’s In-N-Out?