Health Concerns

At Bouley Market, ‘Conditions Conducive to Vermin Infestation’

Photo: Andrew Karcie

Speaking of the Health Department, a look at some of the city’s worst violators reveals that tony spots Bouley Market and Allen & Delancey are among them, having racked up a whopping 80 and 87 points, respectively, during inspections earlier this month. Even Old Town Bar, which received 71 points, had a less egregious score (a passing score is 27 or less, and all restaurants that receive 28 or more points are re-inspected).

One can imagine how the trouble in Allen & Delancey’s kitchen led to sloppiness, but Bouley Market? The inspector’s report indicates that it the restaurant, where entrées start at $38, was docked for improper washing and drying of utensils, inadequate plumbing and sewage disposal, conditions conducive to vermin infestation, evidence of live mice and flies, and improper refrigeration. Will any of that stop us from eating there? Well, if we’re still eating Old Town’s burgers …

Correction: The original version of this story mistakenly identified one of the restaurants in question as Bouley, since that was the name given on the health department’s report. However commenters have pointed out that the address belongs to Bouley Market.

Restaurant Inspection Information: Bouley [Official site: NYC Health]
Restaurant Inspection Information: Allen & Delancey [Official site: NYC Health]

At Bouley Market, ‘Conditions Conducive to Vermin Infestation’