What to Eat at Sprout (Not, Sadly, the $120 Veal)

Could a place with a backlit phone-number sign really serve a $120 entree, anyway?
Could a place with a backlit phone-number sign really serve a $120 entree, anyway? Photo: The Stew]

Sprout chef/owner Satko Ibrahimovic got on our radar when he bragged to the Tribune about his plans to charge $120 for an entree of veal filet mignon and $70 for an entree of escargot in beef marrow, justifying the price by comparing his kitchen’s output to those of the city’s hautest temples of tasting-menu gastronomy. Now that the all-organic restaurant has opened its doors, neither of those marquee dishes to be found — in fact, the offerings are revealed to be quite a bit more modest. While the French-Italian menu isn’t exactly average-weeknight dining, its $20-$40 entree range is quite a bit more approachable. Of particular note: the Hamburger Deconstruire. That’s “deconstructed hamburger,” a ground sirloin patty adorned with goat cheese, greens, mushrooms, sun-dried tomato, and a healthy halo of fried onions. But hey — it’s organic! Read on for the full menu.

Hors D’Oeuvres
Salmon Roulade herbed cream, creme fraiche, caviar green onion infused evoo 16.00
Crab Cakes cabbage slaw, pepper aioli 18.00
Stuffed Portobello poulet, peppers, mozzarella 14.00
Legume Seasonal sauteed leek, squash, zucchini, citron vinaigrette 13.00
Bruschetta baguette, tomato, onion, basil 13.00

French Onion
Soup Du Jour

Beet mesculin, fromage de chevre, candied walnuts 12.00
Pear spinach, romaine, brie, walnuts 13.00
Sprout house greens, tomato, cucumber, crouton 11.00

Seared Scallop Linguini evoo, white wine, butter, basil 33.00
Poulet Veneto angel hair pasta, tomato, capers, white wine, sunflower oil, garlic butter 26.00
Fettucini Alfredo 22.00
Vos Propres penne, linguini, fettucini, fromage, alfredo, marinara 15.00

Halibut rice pilaf, haricot vert, citrus mango salsa 32.00
Hamburger Deconstruire house ground sirloin, fromage de chevre, mixed greens sauteed mushroom, fried onions, sun dried tomato 22.00
Rolled Leg Of Lamb spinach, shallots, garlic, roasted red pepper, rosemary, citron snow peas, saffron rice 38.00
Tenderloin marchand de vin sauce, potato galette, asparagus 44.00
Marinated Poulet garlic sauce, cilantro, citron au jus, rosemary pomme, asparagus 32.00
Lasagna Legume eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, ricotta tomato basil sauce 22.00

What to Eat at Sprout (Not, Sadly, the $120 Veal)