What to Eat at Patty and Bun, Soon Serving the City’s Latest Glamburgers

Photo: Daniel Maurer

8st Kitchen isn’t the only spot opening on West 8th Street (death site of Elettaria) in the coming days. Nesha Marjonovic, former chef-owner of Upper East Side neighborhood spot Follow Me Café, will open an “American tavern,” Patty and Bun, at 61 West 8th Street. Marjonovich, a French Culinary School grad, is already in friends and family mode and hopes to be fully up and running next week. As the name implies, the menu includes its share of burgers. But not just any burgers — we’re talking monkfish burgers on house-baked buns, with double-smoked bacon and heirloom tomatoes. There are also steaks, oysters, and macaroni and cheese. We’ll soon take a look inside the space (a sleek, lamp-lit room with a bar up front and booths in the back), but for now, check out the menu.

Roasted Red & Yellow Beets - goat cheese and candied walnuts - $10
Crab Cakes - lump crab meat atop baby arugula with anchovy-caper remoulade (no mayo) - $12
Market Oysters - champagne mignonette - P/A
Flash Roasted Oysters - with spinach and double smoked bacon - $14
Mac and Cheese - cheddar, goat and sheep’s cream cheese - $9
Shrimp Tempura - served with a spiced quince dip - $12
Seared Sea Scallops - served atop chorizo and mushroom medley - $14
Chicken Mousse - $10

Steaks & Chops
Charred House Steak & Fries - served with Roquefort, anchovy butter - $21
Filet Mignon - Old Forester Reduction - served with braised baby carrots - $24
Smoked Lamb Chops - plum chutney, Madeira jus - $24
Prime Dry Aged Rib Eye - 14 oz. - $38
Prime Dry Aged Rib Chop - 29 oz. - $56
Blackened Grouper - $24

Patty & Bun Burger - pastured beef, PLT, patty & bun sauce - $10 (sandwich), $14 (deluxe)
Sliders (3 per order) - packed with bacon, roasted onions and the sauce - $10, $14
Havoc Burger - blend of three meats, Havoc spread, chimichurri pickled Napa cabbage - $12, $16
Pastured Lamb Burger - jalapeno sheep’s cheese spread - $12, $16
Free Range Turkey - cremini stuffed turkey patty and guacamole spread - $10, $14
(recommended cheeses: Roquefort, Irish cheddar - $2)
The Caddy Patty - our reserve 10 oz. beef patty with pickled Vidalia onions - $18, $20
(topped with shredded braised duck and shiitake mushrooms - add $3)
Wild King Salmon Burger - creamy chardonnay sauce - $12
Monk Fish BLT - double smoked bacon, bbq sauce, heirloom tomato - $14, 16

Fries - $5
Creamed spinach - $6
Caramelized baby carrots - $5
Sweet potato fries - $5
Corn two ways - $5

Patty and Bun, 61 W. 8th St., nr. Sixth Ave.

What to Eat at Patty and Bun, Soon Serving the City’s Latest Glamburgers