What to Eat (and What it Means) at Lockdown Bar & Grill, Opening this Winter

Opening in Ukranian Village some time in 2010 will be Lockdown Bar & Grill (1024 N Western Ave), a concert bar with a barbed wire aesthetic and a punningly badass menu. We’re happy to try to figure out the thought process that went into naming an appetizer of sausage, peppers, and fried eggplant “Tasers & Pepper Spray,” or quesadillas “El Paso Prison,” but what’s really got us literally laughing out loud is the felony-themed burger list: the Cruelty to Animals is a beef patty topped with pancetta and turkey bacon, the Malicious Destruction of Property comes with extra meat, extra peppers, extra cheese, and extra napkins, and the turkey burger is, of course, False Impersonation. Read on for the full exercise in creativity.


Tasers & Pepper Spary $8.95
(Sausage peppers fried eggplant)

Goat Thief $9.95
(Fried goat cheese in marinara sauce)

Bone Collecter $8.95
(Chicken Wings)

Cult and Paste $8.95
(Hummos and Baba Plate w goat cheese)

Pirating $8.95
(Lake perch w white wine butter sauce)

Five Finger Discount $8.95
(Five Spice ribs)

Barb ‘d wire $8.95
(Chilli cheese barb b q pork fries)

El Paso Prison $8.95

Jersey Shore $8.95
(Fried mozzarella w zucchini)

Copyright Infringement $8.95
(Barbecue pork imperial rolls)

Marinated filet and Chicken $8.95
With couscous, hummus, and baba

Baked rigatoni $8.95
In bolognaise with sausage and mozzarella

Baked Mac and Cheese $8.50

Chop Salad $9.95
iceberg, romaine lettuce, corn scallions, fresh mozzarella, red onion, tomato, with prosciutto sweet creamy Italian dressing

Southwest Chicken Salad $9.95
mix greens, romaine lettuce, corn black, beans, white cheddar cheese, with honey-citrus vinaigrette

Asian Salmon Salad $9.95
tossed greens with apples, tomatoes, with wasabi vinaigrette and soy glazed salmon

Greek Salad $9.95
iceberg romaine, lettuce, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese with creamy Greek dressing

Our famous Certified Angus Beef® burgers are grilled to order and served on a house-baked bun with your choice of sides

Intimidation Burger $10.95
A colossal 3/4 lb burger with massive onion rings, it’s 8” tall!

Cruelty to Animals $9.95
Topped with pancetta and turkey bacon

Driving while Intoxicated $8.95
Tequila soaked salsa

No Permit Burger $8.95
Topped with foie gras

Malicious Destruction of Property $8.95
Extra meat, extra peppers, extra cheese, and extra napkins

False Impersonation $8.95
Turkey Burger

Blackmail Burger
Black pepper encrusted, black beans

All sandwiches are served with your choice of fries or side salad

Salmon $8.95
Prosciutto arugula tomato

Chicken Club $8.95
Bacon, Avocado, Jack cheese, arugula tomato

Barbecue Pork $8.95

Fried Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $8.95

Lockdown opens “sometime in 2010” at 1024 N Western Ave, Chicago. 773-451-LOCK

What to Eat (and What it Means) at Lockdown Bar & Grill, Opening this Winter