We Have a Winner For A Signed Copy of Ad Hoc at Home

We’re happy to announce a winner in our contest to win a signed copy of Thomas Keller’s new cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home, which is currently blazing up the charts as a best-seller. We asked for your favorite kitchen disaster stories while trying to follow a recipe and heard tale of a few snafus that sounded unpleasantly familiar. But there has to be a winner and a winner there is.

We’re pleased to announce our editors have selected Rachel Selber as the winner. Rachel, you’ll be cooking with Keller soon as a signed copy of Ad Hoc at Home is headed your way. Here’s Ms. Selber’s winning story of a spicy kitchen disaster:

“Many years ago, I planned to make my first brisket for a large family gathering. I planned ahead by getting all of the ingredients and side dishes to complement this main dish. The recipe called for chili sauce. As a new cook, I did not quite know the difference between chili sauce and hot sauce. So, I added about a CUP of Tabasco to my brisket. I made the brisket, and; as you may have guessed it was spicy!!!!! Too spicy for most family members (including my husband and mom) to eat! My dad and I (big spicy food fans) loved it. I still make the recipe today but I only use about a quarter of a cup!!! It’s delicious, by the way—even for the non spicy food eaters!!”

Thanks Rachel and to everyone else who entered!

We Have a Winner For A Signed Copy of Ad Hoc at Home