Trends to Eat in 2010


Cue the year-end roundups! Nation’s Restaurant News jump-starts the season with its industry predictions for 2010. Expect more “simple food,” which nationally means burgers and fries, and not farm to table. Restaurants will emphasize sourcing more, and smart-phone apps will create new ways to order in. Menus will get “healthier,” though references to Starbucks sans high-fructose corn syrup and Kentucky Grilled Chicken do not bode well for the national waistline. We’re most interested in the notion of “regional ethnic.” Apparently, “ethnic” foods like Chinese and Mexican are so well known in America that restaurants are focusing on specific regions. No mention of food trucks, though. Has that wave crested?

Five Dining Predictions for 2010 [NRN]


Trends to Eat in 2010