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TomKat Waits at the Modern

Photo: bdjsb7/Flickr

When it comes to certain popular Boston eateries, even celebrities have to follow the rules. This week provided two examples of this rule: the Cruise-Holmes family bided their time at the Modern Pastry Shop and Jimmy Fallon waited on line at the Paramount. Elsewhere, Chris Evans breakfasted in the middle of the night and the Globe got catty.

Clink: Danny Masterson signed with friends (who the Globe refers to as “D-List” — ouch!). [Names/Globe]

Legal Sea Foods: ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer popped in for a bite. [Inside Track/Herald]

Modern Pastry Shop: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and little Suri braved the line for cannoli. [Inside Track/Herald]

The Paramount: Jimmy Fallon and his wife patiently waited in line. [Inside Track/Herald]

South Street Diner: The stars: they’re just like us. Chris Evans ate breakfast in the middle of the night. [Inside Track/Herald]

TomKat Waits at the Modern