Three New Food Trucks Are Hitting The Road

Photo: Little Spoon

There’s enough news in food trucks to keep you well-fed through the weekend. The Frysmith Truck sneak previewed in Downtown last week and will be at The Brig tonight for a grand-opening that precedes the start of its regular runs. While a new food truck alone will be enough to generate a crowd, they are promising free cookies made on-the-spot to kick things off. Find Frysmith at 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice from 6:30-10:30 tonight.

While Umami Burger has delayed their opening of an outpost in Santa Monica’s Fred Segal space to find time for Umami Urban in Hollywood, Eater tells us they are setting up temporary shop outside of the store in a large food truck on December 1st. Once the Westside locale is complete, they will hit the streets with their vehicle, providing Umami burgers in the shrinking areas where there are no brick and mortar versions (Malibu to start). The truck will also serve as a catering space, meaning you can have burgers delivered if you order a few hundred of them for your pals.

Lastly, we are concerned of a possible head-on collision in the food truck world, as we hear Little Spoon Desserts is rolling with a concept that sounds incredibly similar to the long-planned Sweets Truck. Little Spoon is run by two entrepreneurs who The L.A. Times says have “more experience in publicity and event promotion than in working at a professional oven.” Like Sweets Truck, they are contracting other pastry and dessert makers in the city to provide their food and have already hit the road. The Sweets Truck meanwhile has been in pre-production this week, according to their Twitter page, and plans to hit the streets very soon. We’ll be standing by to see what happens when the dueling dessert-slingers find some city parking lot that isn’t big enough for the both of them.

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Three New Food Trucks Are Hitting The Road