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Thomas Keller Calls Tripe the Next Sushi

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

We’re crazy for Keller these days in L.A., and the chef is using the extra attention to speak out on behalf of a food he feels is underserved: Tripe. In an interview with Yves Saint Laurent’s Parisienne blog, Keller throws tripe in with pig’s trotters and tête de veau as French foods he considers wrongly maligned. In an interview with Zagat, he goes a step further, practically declaring beef stomach America’s next favorite food.

Keller is asked which dish he wishes the country would eat more of and answers,”Tripe. I love tripe… People didn’t always like sushi — they were repelled by raw fish. That’s all changed. Now, it’s time for tripe.” Little does the Great One realize, he’s in the North American capital of tripe-eating. He can pick up a bowl of menudo at about a few hundred places.

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Thomas Keller Calls Tripe the Next Sushi