There Will Be Burgers By Nancy Silverton

Silverton's fixed on burgers these days
Silverton’s fixed on burgers these days Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Recently the world wide web-obsessed foodies of L.A. interpreted that a joint burger dinner between Amy Pressman and Nancy Silverton at Canele was a preview for the duo’s partnership on a new burger spot. This widespread hope was later shattered by The L.A. Weekly’s declaration that Nancy was not going to be in the picture. Last week, local Zagat editor Merrill Shindler sat down with Pressman for a Q&A; in which the Silverton partner clears up any misunderstanding. “Nancy is a partner in the burger place. She’s intimately involved with the food. But she’s not going to be behind the counter every night… right now, she’s deep into it - we’re figuring out every aspect of the burger.”

The burger restaurant is due for the old Du-par’s Bakery location (in a new building the partners will have constructed) and has changed its tentative title from Grass Burger to Market Burger, though we think they can do better than that by the time it opens next summer. Eater takes delight in reminding us that writer Carolynn Carreno (who partnered with Silverton on two cookbooks) had bet her on her dog’s life on the assurance that Nancy was not involved. It turns out she is. Might we need to call the ASPCA now?

Interview with Amy Pressman, Burger Queen [Zagat/Shindler’s Dish]

There Will Be Burgers By Nancy Silverton