We Have a Naked Pint Winner!

Congratulations to Andy Farrell, the winner of our “describe how your favorite craft beer is like a woman contest.” Farrell wins a copy of The Naked Pint by L.A.-based beer experts Christina Perrozzi and Hallie Beaune, who will be hosting a dinner tonight at Fork. Click through to read Farrell’s winning entry.

Kudos to Farrell for preferring aged beers and women:

“Gotta be Rodenbach Grand Cru for me…. complex, sharp and tart, yet sweet and syrupy. Definitely something that gets better with age and takes an acquired taste to appreciate. Can be quenching on a hot summer day…or just the right amount of warmth on a Winter’s eve. Rodenbach Grand Cru…she’s my lady.”

Thanks for playing, everyone!

We Have a Naked Pint Winner!