Swine-Flu-Fighting Cocktails; Fifty Cent Settles With Taco Bell

• Cocktails that will allegedly fight the swine flu, like Room Service’s Flu Shot, are on the rise in New York. [NYT]

• It turns out that the reason the Obama Fried Chicken sign was blurred out in Clipse’s new video wasn’t owing to political considerations, but rather because the store’s owner wanted $3,000 to use the sign. [Brokelyn]

• Fifty Cent has settled a lawsuit against Taco Bell for using his name without permission in an ad. [NYP]

• Mogul Richard Branson is opening a fifteen-acre culinary resort called Natirar in New Jersey next week. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• China has executed two men for their role in last year’s contaminated-milk scandal. [NYT]

• Scientists have found that a diet rich in vitamin A will help you fight disease (including swine flu) better. [WSJ]

• O’Casey’s Tavern will be serving up a very boozy Thanksgiving, including a turkey that’s been injected with 100-proof Georgi vodka. [NYP]

• Stores from Whole Foods to C-Town are overcharging consumers because of uncalibrated scales. [NYP]

• Chuck Schumer would like to see New York State overtake Quebec as the top producer of maple syrup. [NYT]

• NBC has declined to run a PETA ad about turkey cruelty during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. [Gothamist]

• Sales using food stamps at the city’s greenmarkets doubled last year. [City Room/NYT]

• Many Park Slopers are feeling guilty about dining out since last week’s revelation that many area restaurants are underpaying their staffs. [Brooklyn Paper]

Swine-Flu-Fighting Cocktails; Fifty Cent Settles With Taco Bell