Subway Gets Elevated; New York’s Dairy Farms Subject to Investigation

• A Subway shop will open on top of a crane at the Freedom Tower construction site to serve hungry workers. [NYP]

• An antitrust investigator is looking into New York’s dairy farmers to find out why, despite unusually low milk payments, retail milk prices have barely fallen. [NYP]

• André Balazs is modeling in ads for Brioni. [NYP]

• The Food and Drug Administration says it will pull caffeinated alcoholic beverages from the market unless manufacturers can prove the drinks’ safety. [WSJ]

• A fight at the Norwood Palace in Cypress Hills on Saturday night ended with city police shooting two men, one fatally. [NYP]

• It was a rough season for the city’s Greenmarkets, with business in Union Square down as much as 40 percent. [NYT]

• After sharp opposition from the oyster industry, the FDA has indefinitely delayed a ban on warm-weather Gulf oysters. [NYT]

• The owner of The Four Seasons is pressing for a name change from a Hamptons caterer of the same name. [NYDN]

• Three homeless men in Moscow killed another man, ate part of him, and sold the rest to a butcher shop. [NYP]

• This Christmas, famed British restaurant The Fat Duck will serve ambergris, better known as whale vomit. [Sun UK]

• A Colombian cooking school has invented a “love dessert” made of passion-fruit mousse — oh, and Viagra. [NYDN]

• Long Island’s wine-grape harvest was down by as much as 50 percent this season. [NYT]

Subway Gets Elevated; New York’s Dairy Farms Subject to Investigation