Chef Shuffle

Parc Seeking An Executive Chef

Not only is Starr seeking an executive chef who specializes in Latin cuisine, he also appears to be in the market for a new executive chef at Parc. Starr’s rep tells us that Arthur Cavaliere is still the chef at the restaurant, but this craiglist ad, posted in both New York and Philly, indicates that he’s moving on. Update: Starr sent over a statement confirming Cavaliere’s departure…

The official statement:

“It’s been our pleasure to have Arthur Cavaliere on board as Parc’s executive chef. At the end of the month Arthur will be leaving the restaurant and the Starr Organization to pursue other opportunities in Washington D.C. We wish Artie the best of luck on his future endeavors and his outstanding performance at Parc has contributed to its success.”

The Rittenhouse brasserie, now open for over a year, is rumored to serve up to 1500 covers a day, a number which might lead to chef burnout relatively quickly - opening chef Dominique Filoni lasted just four months at the restaurant.

Parc Seeking An Executive Chef