Burger Beat: Burger Maestro and Sonic Opening, Burger Party at Royal

The Royal Burger
The Royal Burger Photo: Kirsten Henri

Perhaps the burger wars of the summer of 2009 have died down, but the demand for burgers is stronger than ever, as evidenced by the burger intel we’ve gathered this week alone. Read on for the meaty goods.

• Burger Maestro, a new moderately-priced burger joint is opening in the Bellevue Food Court at Broad and Walnut on Monday, November 16. The family who owns Bain’s Deli is behind it, serving prime beef, turkey, buffalo and veggie burgers, plus Chicago hot dogs. Prices start at $4.95 for burgers and grilled hot dogs at $2.50. They’re also holding a contest - write a burger-themed haiku that pleases the judges and win a gift certificate. [Inside the Bellevue]

Sonic will finally open a location within Philly city limits. Head to Port Richmond on Monday, November 16 to check it out. [Thrillist]

• To wrap up its ongoing seventh anniversary celebrations, which have so far involved asking guests to vote for their favorite blackboard special from the past five years and dedicating a whole night to vegetarians and vegans, the folks at Royal Tavern are holding a Burger Party on Tuesday, November 17. Expect to see “the top vote getters from among the bounty of burgers from menus past” while the “specials boards will be teeming with burgers of different styles, shapes, and toppings.” There will also be DJs, prizes, beer and drink specials and a raffle.

Burger Beat: Burger Maestro and Sonic Opening, Burger Party at Royal