What to Eat at The Republic: Finally Open in the Marina

Photo: Courtesy Republic

At long last, the one-time Republican hangout Jones Street Bar will reopen as The Republic, the latest jam from the Bin 38 Crew. Tonight’s the first night for extra-fancy bar food like sous-vide buffalo wings, “halibut cheek brandade fish-n-chip bites,” and Dungeness crab jalapeno poppers from chef Brian Beach (Waterfront, Adagia). The restaurant claims to have the largest all-American beer list in the city. But the most notable change, at least aesthetically, will be right when you walk in. Because if you try to walk in the old way, you’ll bump into the wall. They’ve moved the door to open onto Scott Street, “in order to plant The Republic firmly into the local neighborhood core.” Next weekend they’ll start serving Saturday and Sunday brunch, but you can get in there tonight to see what they’re making for dinner. For an early taste, check out the menu below.


Halibut Cheek Brandade Fish-n-Chip Bites/Malt Vinegar Gastrique/Truffled Tartar Sauce
Buffalo Wings Sous-Vide/Tabasco Butter/Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese Foam/Micro Celery
Dungeness Crab Jalapeno Poppers/Popcorn Emulsion/Cilantro-Lime Crème Fraiche
Philly Cheese-Steak Bites/Cherry Pepper Preserves/House-made Amoroso Roll/Burrata ‘Cheese Whiz’
Beer-Battered House-Cured Pickles/Herbed Fernet-Buttermilk Dipping Sauce
Baked Potato Skins/House-made Chorizo/Fiscalini San Joaquin Gold Cheese/Chives
36-hour ‘Thermo-Barbecued’ Pork Riblets/Republic BBQ Glaze/Oz Farms Apple Slaw/Boiled Dressing
Louisiana Blackened Fish Tacos/Marinated Cabbage-Jicama Salad/Cumin-Lime Crème Fraiche/Fresh Coriander
Frings/Beer-Battered Maui Sweet Onion Rings/Duck Fat French Fries/Tamarind-Chile Ketchup/Fernet-Buttermilk Dressing
Charred Pimientos Padron Peppers/Smoked Sea Salt/California Olive Ranch Arbequina Olive Oil

Grilled Little Gem Lettuces/Beehive Cheese Co. Domestic Parmesan Flan/Anchovy ‘Caesar’ Dressing/Fried Boquerone Croutons
‘Surf-n-Turf Tartare’/Bigeye Tuna/Prather Ranch Beef/Salt & Vinegar Kennebec Gaufrettes/Maldon Sea Salt/Preserved Lemon
Bellwether Farms Ricotta Gnudi/Roasted Winter Squash/Fried Sage/Toasted Hazelnut Browned Butter/Quince-Balsamic Vinegar
Chiogga Beet Carpaccio/Sausalito Springs Watercress/Shaved Pear/Endive/Muscatel Vinegar/Sheep’s Milk Feta/Marcona Almonds

Republic 10-ounce Ground-to-Order Burger/House-made Potato-Buttermilk Bun/Duck Fat Frites/Smoked Gouda
Grilled Flat Iron Steak/Sweet Corn-Jalapeno Spoon-bread/Bacon-Braised Lacinato Rabe/Escarole/Fluer de Sel
Pan-Roasted Escolar/Open-Faced Winter Squash Wonton Ravioli/Pickled Mushrooms/Kaiware/Soy-Sake Butter Nage/Lotus Chip
Braised Jones Farm Rabbit Pot Pie/Chanterelle Mushrooms/Cauliflower/Parsnips/T&D; Willey Nantes Carrots
Vanilla-Cured Bailey Farms Pork Rib Chop/Brussels Sprouts/Bourbon Reduction/Stewed Shelling Beans/Oz Farms Apple Salad

Bacon & Cider-Braised Brussels Sprouts
Sauteed Escarole/Caramelized Garlic/Lemon/Black Pepper
Duck-Fat Kennebec Frites
Beer-Battered Sweet Maui Onion Rings
Apple-Cabbage & Shaved Fennel Cole Slaw
Side of House-made Republic Steak Sauce

Grilled Olive Oil Cake/Stewed Persimmon-Apple Compote/Marcona Almonds/Mint
Dave’s Abita Root Beer Float/Sassafras Ice Cream/Baked-to-Order Cookies
Caramelized Banana Custard Parfait/Rum Caramel Sauce/House-made Vanilla Wafers
Chocolate Bread Pudding/Bourbon Sauce/Fresh Vanilla Bean-Infused Cream/Cocoa Nibs
Duet of House-made Sorbet/Fresh Huckleberry Compote

Inside Republic

Photo: Courtesy Republic

Local Dungeness Crab Louie Salad/Little Gem Lettuces/Sieved Gluam Cage-Free Egg/Sea Beans/Bacon Lardons
Caramelized Banana & Mascarpone Stuffed Challah Bread French Toast/Maple Syrup/Toasted Almonds
Republic House-made Granola/Keffir Yogurt/Medjool Dates/Dried Apricots/Persimmons/Stewed Pink Pearl Apples/Mountain Honey
Liberty Farms Corned Duck Hash/Grilled Baby Leeks/Marble Potatoes/Butternut Squash/63-Degree Sous-Vide Hen Eggs
Fried Chicken Salad/Little Gem Lettuce/Fernet-Buttermilk Dressing/Scallions/Point Reyes Bleu Cheese/Crispy Bacon Lardons
Bailey Farms Pulled-Pork Eggs Benedict/House-made English Muffins/Sauteed Escarole/Espelette-Apple-Chive Hollandaise
Republic Chorizo & Egg Sliders/House-made English Muffins/Bellwether Crescenza Cheese/Scallion/Cherry Pepper Preserves
Chanterelle Mushroom Omelet/Mustard Greens/Baby Leeks/Red Thumb Potatoes/Smoked Gouda/Pickled Mushroom Salad
Grilled Little Gem Lettuces/Anchovy ‘Caesar’ Dressing/Polenta Spoon-Bread Croutons/Shaved Parmesan/Fried Anchovies
Grilled Flat Iron Steak & 63-Degree Gluam Ranch Eggs/Potato-Leek Rosti Cake/Bacon-Braised Black Kale/Salsa Verde
Republic 10-ounce Ground-to-Order Burger/House-made Potato-Buttermilk Bun/Duck Fat Frites/Smoked Gouda
Louisiana Blackened Fish & Soft Scrambled Egg Breakfast Tacos/ Marinated Cabbage/Cumin-Lime Crèma/Cilantro
Halibut Cheek Brandade Fish-n-Chip Bites/ Malt Vinegar Gastrique/Truffled Tartar Sauce
Frings/Beer-Battered Maui Sweet Onion Rings/Duck Fat French Fries/Tamarind-Chile Ketchup/Fernet-Buttermilk Dressing

Crispy Bacon
House-made English Muffin/House-made Redwood Hill Goat Milk Butter
Little Gem Lettuce Side Salad/Fernet-Buttermilk Herb Dressing/Julienne Apple
Grilled Crostini-style Toast

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What to Eat at The Republic: Finally Open in the Marina