What’s in the Most Expensive Vodka on the Market?

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Even thought it’s a truth we all knew, W. Blake Gray today reminds us that alcohol marketing folks are not here to provide information, which they may not even posses in the first place. They’re here to sell stuff. He relates a conversation with a group of eight representatives of an unnamed “major vodka brand.”

“How is this vodka different from your regular vodka?” I asked.

“It’s more expensive,” a marketer said.

“OK, but is it made different?”

“We made it to be the most expensive vodka on the market.”

“OK, how did you do that? What’s it made of?”

“This vodka is made in Russia.”

And so things go, with the marketers swapping plans on how they would promote this vodka later. “One guy left the dinner before dessert to visit three bars, planning to order it and pester any bartenders who didn’t have it prominently displayed.” Class act.

What’s In Your Vodka? Who Knows? [The Gray Market Report]

What’s in the Most Expensive Vodka on the Market?