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Drown Your Series Sorrows in Philadelphia Fish House Punch

Photo: Kirsten Henri

It’s sad that the Phillies lost, so why not restore your local pride by drinking a rum-based drink with a storied Philadelphia past? We are speaking, of course, of the straight-outta-Schuylkill Philadelphia Fish House Punch. The surprisingly stiff drink, whose classic ingredients include peach brandy, cognac, Jamaican rum, lemon and sugar has been around since colonial times and has had something of a resurgence recently. Let’s see who’s serving it around town.

APO Bar + Lounge
: APO serves Philadelphia Fish House Punch by the bottle. A $57 bottle contains five full portions or eight tasting portions.

MidAtlantic: Daniel Stern’s new University City spot adheres to the classic name “Schuylkill Fish House Punch” and the classic recipe. $10.

Oyster House: The Sansom Street fish restaurant serves the very similar Oyster House Punch that incorporates rum, brandy, tea and citrus for $7 a glass.

Village Whiskey: Jose Garces’s version is $8 and is made with peach brandy, cognac, dark rum, tea, lemon and spiced sugar.

Bonus Round for South Philly Pride : While there’s no Fish House on the menu, The Franklin has invented a Passyunk Punch, which includes aged rum, Batavia arrack (an Indonesian rum), honey, lemon, chai tea and bitters aged in whiskey barrels.

Drown Your Series Sorrows in Philadelphia Fish House Punch