Paradou Owner Vows to Make the Streets Run With Blood

Photo: Youngna Park

Paradou owner Vadim Ponorovsky just called us in a huff because he says that after Gawker and other blogs published an angry e-mail he fired off to employees, his wife, who answers the phones at Paradou, is now receiving anonymous death threats along the lines of “we’re going to kill you” and “we’re going to burn down your restaurant.” Vadim says, “This has now hit a point beyond civil discourse,” and adds, “You can quote me on this: Any time, any place (and you can put my personal e-mail,, these fucks, if they want to send me an e-mail, I will crack every one of their fucking heads and make the streets run with blood. I will not have my family threatened by anyone. I will fucking slaughter all these people and dance on their heads.” Beyond civil discourse indeed!

Aside from the callers and e-mailers who he says are threatening his family, Ponorovsky is none too pleased with Ravi Somaiya, the author of the Gawker post. “This asshole never picked up the phone, never contacted me to find out what was going on. What kind of journalistic integrity is that? You know where that shit happens? Where I came from — Russia. ” He continues: “It truly shows the vapidness, the idiocy, the lack of education, the lack of understanding of our society. It really makes me disgusted to be a member of this city and this country.”

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Paradou Owner Vows to Make the Streets Run With Blood