Monster Taco Truck Moves Downtown

Photo: Daniel Maurer

After launching on 110th Street a little over two years ago, Patricia Monroy’s monster taco truck moved down to 86th and Lexington, within prime Anthony Bourdain striking distance. Now, for the past few weeks, it’s been moonlighting in Union Square. Every night around 9 p.m., Paty (only one ‘t’) hands the keys over to her son and the truck rolls down to Union Square West and 14th Street, where it camps out till as late as 5 a.m. in all of its multicolored neon glory (don’t miss the Aztec mural on the side of the truck). Like another uptown newcomer to 14th Street, the Super Tacos truck, Paty’s serves tlacoyos as well as other Mexican staples (huaraches, tostadas, quesadillas, tortas, etc.), and it also doles out shrimp tacos (served with cucumbers and radishes on the side), gigantic specialty burritos, fajitas, and even a buffalo-chicken wrap. Here’s the menu.

Choose your meat: Breaded beef or chicken, salted beef (cesina), grilled beef (bistec), chicken, sausage (chorizo), fried pork (carnitas), suadero (with peppers, garlic, onions), tongue (50 cents extra), enchilada (50 cents extra), al pastor (roasted, 50 cents extra), shrimp

Torta - $8
Cemita - $8
Burrito - $7
Quesadilla - $7
Sope - $4
Taco - $2.50
Tostada - $4
Huarache - $9
Tlacoyo - $9
Platillo especial (special platter with any meat served with rice and beans with side of lettuce, onions and cheese) - $9

Sincronizada (folded flour tortilla filled with three different cheeses, chopped ham and jalapenos, served with salad on the side) - $7
Paty’s Special Fajita - chicken fajita with sautéed green, red peppers and onions, served with tortillas - $9.95
Buffalo Chicken Wrap - $6
Crazy Burrito (filled with chorizo sausage, rice, beans, Mexican cheese, cilantro, and topped with house dressing and jalapeno) - $8
Campechano Burrito (filled with beef, chorizo, beans, rice Mexican cheese, cilantro, and topped with house dressing and jalapeno) - $8.50
Norteno Burrito (filled with salted beef, chorizo, sausage, rice, beans, Mexican cheese, cilantro and tropped with house dressing and jalapeno) - $8.75

Soda - $1.25, $2
Horchata - $3
Jamaica - $3
Jumex - $1.50

Friday and Saturday
Pozole - $8.50

Paty’s Tacos, 86th St. at Lexington Ave. and Union Square West at 14th St.; 347-216-9358 and 347-216-9362

Monster Taco Truck Moves Downtown