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Crying Fowl: Chick-fil-A to Best KFC?

Photo: Chick-fil-A

A stock analyst believes that within ten years, Chick-fil-A will bump Kentucky Fried Chicken from the number one spot in the “quick-service chicken segment,” reports the Inquirer. Why is the privately held Chick-fil-A outperforming KFC?

Business reporter Joseph DiStefano explains Chick-fil-A’s success:

Chick-fil-A offers “superior” operations (including faster service according to industry bible QSR), a focused marketing campaign (“Eat Mor Chikin”) that KFC lacks, and rising same-store sales (4% this recessionary year).

Questions that remain unanswered: Will KFC once again use Oprah to give away free chicken in their quest to remain on top? If Chick-fil-A does grab a bigger slice of quick-service chicken sales, will they open on Sundays? And, most important, why can’t those cows in their ads spell anything correctly? If cows can learn how to write, they can learn to spell.

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Crying Fowl: Chick-fil-A to Best KFC?