Jose Andres Pulls A String For Kogi

Jose Andres takes a stand
Jose Andres takes a stand Photo: Hadley Tomicki

L.A.’s quick-service restaurants might be beefing with the latest convoy of food trucks, but the trendy mobile units have at least one famous restaurateur in their corner. Bon Appétit editor Barbara Fairchild tells The Huffington Post that Roy Choi, Kogi Truck’s founding chef, recently delivered an acceptance speech at the magazine’s award ceremony.

While Choi was telling the crowd about LAPD harassment that food trucks have faced, Fairchild became a bit irked to see The Bazaar’s chef Jose Andres furiously tapping away at his Blackberry, seemingly not paying any attention to the passionate plea. When confronted on his texting by Fairchild, Andres revealed,” I am emailing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. I know his executive assistant and I’m telling her all of this information. This is something the city should know about!” And there you have it; GQ’s “chef of the year” stepping up to defend 2009’s undisputed best chef of the street.

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Jose Andres Pulls A String For Kogi