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Do Bostonians Want a Shake Shack?

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Bostonians are divided on their response to the news that an outpost of New York’s Shake Shack could open here. Some Hub residents are excited, as the comments on our original news indicate. “Shake Shack would be fantastic, would instantly become one of the best inexpensive burgers in Boston. Frankly, any outpost of Union Square Hospitality Group would be a wonderful addition to the city, never mind that they’re based in Manhattan” writes commenter (and Phoenix critic) MC Slim JB). On Twitter, most responses came close to the “YES YES!” from Barbara Cole. “Shake Shack is welcome in our beloved city,” writes The Beantown Bloggery, who adds, “the rats though that are always in that area can stay in NYC. We have enough of those of our own.”

Not everyone, however, is so happy: “Not to sound too provincial, but do we really want a N.Y. chain-wannabe on Boston Common? I tilt toward Jeff Miller’s (sic) plan, if only because it at least strives for a local flavor” writes Herald reporter Jay Fitzgerald on his personal blog (Fitzgerald also points out that the proper Bostonian name would be Frappe Shack, which is a valid point). This seems to be a point of consensus amount the Shake Shack dissenters: “No NYC chains on the Boston Common! Elsewhere ok, not there,” exclaims Twitterer ShadyMilkman. Here at Grub Street Boston, we come down firmly on the side of delicious burgers, no matter what their provenance, but how do you feel? Are you on Team Shack or would patronizing a New York chain in Boston Common be tantamount to rooting for the Yankees?

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the “local flavor” of Jeffrey Mill’s proposal, it includes a line of The Common House branded Boston-themed products for grocery stores. “Freedom Trail ketchup, something like that,” Mills tells the New York Times.

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