Is The Kells a Trouble Spot?

The Kells
The Kells Photo: paul irish/Flickr

Boston Licensing Board chair Daniel Pokaski claimed earlier this week that, despite last week’s shooting stabbing, The Kells is “not a trouble spot.” The shooting, however, is just one of four violent incidents at the bar in the past two months, reports Universal Hub. Pokaski tells Grub Street that “I haven’t seen those reports yet. If they’re correct, it’s absolutely a trouble spot, because that means it’s changed its venue somehow and it’s attracting the wrong kind of people.”

It’s worth noting that even if The Kells is decided to be a trouble spot, that doesn’t guarantee that any action will be taken against the bar. In May, the Herald revealed that the BLB has not permanently revoked a single bar’s license in a decade, overlooking everything from a doorman putting a customer in a chokehold at The Bell In Hand to multiple fights at The Roxy. The Roxy, of course, finally had its license suspended after a stabbing on the dance floor. Apparently, that’s the “trouble spot” line.

The Kells Has Not Had A Quiet Fall [Universal Hub]

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Is The Kells a Trouble Spot?