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Irene Loves Eva; Gold Reveals Kiyokawa

When you need to get out of the office...
When you need to get out of the office… Photo: V Miramontes via Flickr

S. Irene Virbila is crazy about Eva, where Mark Gold “communicates his love of cooking to his guests” with affordable elegance and killer comfort family dinners on Sunday. [L.A. Times]

Jonathan Gold unearths the treasures of Kiyokawa, home of “possibly the best unknown sushi chef in Los Angeles at the moment,” and recommends tossing the menu for his omakase. [L.A. Weekly]

Los Angeles is not very enthused about Marche, feeling that “presentations seem hasty and the balance of ingredients is off.” [Los Angeles]

J Gold suggests switching out Father’s Office for Golden State if you want a great cheeseburger, fries, and beer without the former’s noise and crowd. [L.A. Weekly]

New Pasadena Magazine contributor Jonathan Gold finds Choza Mama a welcome addition to a cockamamie city of chains and dashed dream dining, though it’s lucky not to be competing with Mo-Chica’s perfect Peruvian while still in its first clumsy weeks. [L.A. Weekly]

Charlie don’t surf and Merrill Shindler admits he doesn’t either, hitting up Manhattan Beach’s 24/7 classic The Kettle and giving it two snaps up. [Daily Breeze]

Irene Loves Eva; Gold Reveals Kiyokawa