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How Profitable Is a Crown Fried Chicken?

Photo: Craigslist

If you’ve ever wondered what one of those ubiquitous KFC knockoffs makes in a year, now you finally know, thanks to a Craigslist ad for a Crown Fried Chicken in Jamaica, Queens. Below is the p&l.; But before you sink $219,000 into the business, know that according to Google maps, Big Apple Crown Fried Chicken is one of five CFCs on Guy R. Brewer Boulevard. And that’s not even accounting for Kennedy Fried Chickens.

Total Income: $384,000
Net Income: $120,000

Rent Expense: $21,642 (3% annual increase)
Fuel Expense: $4,080
OIL is free
Electric Expense: $9,600
Insurance: $1500
Taxes: Included in the Rent
Payroll Expense: $48,000
Miscellaneous Expense: $1920
Total Expenses: 85,500
How Profitable Is a Crown Fried Chicken?