Frysmith and Asian Soul Kitchen Get Their Gears In Motion

Asian Soul Kitchen's eats
Asian Soul Kitchen’s eats Photo: ASK

A month and half after getting premature nods from Zagat for its “ingenious fries and fixins,” The Frysmith Truck is finally road-ready and hitting the streets. Thrillist reports that the truck’s delay was caused by municipal red-tape and the truck’s maker pulling an impromptu Mark Sanford-style escape to South America (minus the torrid, marriage-shattering affair, we think). Frysmith’s debut will find it driving around Downtown on Saturday evening, with a grand open the following Friday at a fixed location. These fries are made from Kennebec spuds and sweet ‘taters, come in four flavors, and will be joined with different specials like braised rib and cheddar poutine. Stalk these fry guys on their Twitter if you seek to be first in line.

Elsewhere, we’ve been informed that Asian Soul Kitchen, a truck venture from Japanese restaurant entrepreneur Akiko Konami and Soul Food devotee Richard Wright, is having a tasting party this weekend and will announce their menu to the public shortly thereafter. ASK, as they call themselves, plans a roll-out on December 1st, promising unique ingredient combos that rock both a wee bit of Asian and a small taste of soul, all rolled into one (insert Debbie Lee joke here _____). Examples given for this cuisine range from “Asian sliders” and salmon croquettes, to tamarind-glazed lollipop chicken. Follow ASK on Twitter.

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Frysmith and Asian Soul Kitchen Get Their Gears In Motion