Food Pantry Vandalism; High-End Chefs do Fast Food

• Police think that damage to Ravenswood’s All Saints Episcopal Church might be related to last week’s New York Times story about neighbors’ attitudes toward their food pantry. [CBN]

• More restaurants are staying open over Thanksgiving in order to boost their income, even though owners are reluctant about it. [Crain’s Chicago]

• As fast food becomes more acceptable in France, chefs like Paul Bocuse and Alain Ducasse are offering up their own interpretations on the genre. [WSJ]

• Hunger groups have too many people volunteering on Thanksgiving and not enough during the rest of the year. [NYT]

• Mark Sargeant, Gordon Ramsay’s right hand man for the past thirteen years, has quit to join another restaurant company. [Bloomberg]

• It turns out that Bravo’s United Plates of America isn’t the only series with that title: Brian Lerch has been producing a show with the title for a year. [Eater]

• Rachael Ray gave Diddy a diamond cuff for his birthday. [NYP]

Food Pantry Vandalism; High-End Chefs do Fast Food