Fact-checking the Claims of Bleecker Street’s ‘Best’

Photo: Daniel Maurer

If we’re to believe the chalkboard signs, Bleecker Street is the spot for street eats — a yellow-brick road where you can get both the very best hot dogs and pizza in the city in one fell swoop. But is it true? Knowing that restaurants can sometimes fudge the truth, we fact-checked the braggadocio.

New York Hot Dog & Coffee
Claim: “The best hot dog in NYC by Time Out and NY Times
Actuality: The dog was one of five listed as “best cheap hot dogs” in Time Out’s Cheap Eats issue. The Times calls the dog a “bargain belly filler” but, as far as we can tell, says nothing about it being the city’s best.
Verdict: False advertising. Should read “One of the best cheap hot dogs in NYC by Time Out, and NY Times likes them, too.”

Kesté Pizza & Vino
Claim: “Best pizza in NYC by Time Out & NY Magazine.”
Actuality: Kesté placed No. 1 in New York’s list of “top 20 pies of the moment.” Time Out named the pizza one of its “best new pizzas in NYC” along with five others. Kesté’s pie isn’t ranked but is said to be “as close to the platonic ideal [of Neapolitan pizza] as we’ve found.”
Verdict: The more accurate statement would be “One of the best new/of-the-moment pizzas by Time Out and New York,” but we’ll let them have it.

Fact-checking the Claims of Bleecker Street’s ‘Best’