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Eric Ripert, Costco War Correspondent

Riffing off of Eric Ripert’s PBS show Avec Eric, Alan Richman invited the chef to his home in Westchester County to prepare a meal made entirely with ingredients from Costco. There’s a video included, but be sure to read the full post to get Ripert’s report on his first-ever visit to the bulk-goods store. Costco, a godsend to suburban moms across the country, is quite possibly Ripert’s hell. Some choice phrasing is below.

“Costco doesn’t even look like it belongs on our planet. It could be on the moon. It has no relationship to the outside world as I know it.”

“How can you be inspired for cooking when there are Christmas trees mixed in with the food? And the lighting! I feel like I am in an emergency room.”

“What I fear are these products we have bought. But this is also what is terrible: The meal is excellent. … It makes me sad it is from a store that terrifies me. All in all, a strangely great day.”

Avec Alan [Forked & Corked/GQ]

Eric Ripert, Costco War Correspondent