Dungeness Depression; China Loves Western Food

• With the opening of Dungeness crab season just around the corner, Bay Area fishermen aren’t optimistic for this year’s haul. [Press Democrat]

• Cattle rancher and environmental lawyer Nicolette Hahn Niman explores the environmental impact of meat production in an op ed. [NYT]

• A rookie San Jose cop saved a toddler choking on Halloween candy by giving him the Heimlich maneuver. [SJ Mercury News]

• A New Hampshire restaurant has set a world record with a 222.5 pound meatball. [NYDN]

• Former Gourmet staffer Francis Lam has been tapped to head Salon’s forthcoming food site. [Eater National]

• Foreign food is ultra-popular in China right now with over 5,000 Western restaurants in Beijing alone. [ABC News]

Dungeness Depression; China Loves Western Food