David Chang Gets Wasted, [Bleep]ing Shows José Andrés How to Make [Bleep]ing Ham

Lately David Chang’s been all “I know you seen me on the video. I know you heard me on the radio,” with a recent appearance on Brian Lehrer and a stop into the Martha Stewart studios yesterday. But by far, his most entertaining appearance yet was on Vice’s “Munchies” show. He gets wasted thanks to a table tapper at Koreatown’s Mad for Chicken and then heads down to self-confessed “overrated fucking restaurant” Ssäm Bar to meet up with José “He’s the Fucking Man” Andrés. Are more F-bombs dropped? You betcha!

Chang on the chicken: “This is amazing — look how crispy this motherfucker is.” Chang while eating with Andrés: “It’s about time we fucking showed the Spaniard how to make fucking ham.” Peter Meehan on his first visit to Momofuku: “The first time I went to Momofuku I fucking hated it” (“The food was fucking bad,” Chang admits). Andrés on Chang: “Only a crazy guy via Korea, Japan, China, whatever … only a crazy mind would come up with a coffee-mayo bullshit with ham. And it’s unbelievably good! What were you smoking when you came up with this?” And what did Chang smoke before slopping together those pork buns at the end of the video? “The sauce is hoisin which translates to … I have no fucking idea.” And regarding the pork: “It’s, uh, a couple teaspoons of salt and … some black pepper … and a couple hours of don’t fucking worry about it.” If only he’d busted this shtick out on the Today show!

David Chang Gets Wasted, [Bleep]ing Shows José Andrés How to Make