Dale Levitski’s Overhauled Sprout Menu Revealed

As we noted yesterday, Top Chef alum Dale Levitski has taken over the kitchen at Sprout, marking the restaurant’s third change in kitchen oversight in its very short life. And now the menu overhaul’s come through. As Metromix reports, while a la carte options are available, the focus here is on a $60 three-course prix fixe that hits all the luxurious high notes — foie gras, sturgeon, truffles — but has enough twists (black cod with verjus rouge, rabbit with celery root and chamomile) to keep things interesting. Read on for the full menu.

First course
FOIE GRAS parsnip, cashew, quince, pedro ximenez
RABBIT celery root, chamomile, golden beet, hazelnut
OCTOPUS white bean, nicoise olive, tomato, arugula
SCALLOP corn, parsnip, sage, peanut
LICORICE pear, fennel, cress, macadamia, goat cheese, peppermint
BITTERS boston, endive, citrus, radish

Second course
LAMB baguette, potato, arugula, tomato, caper, white anchovy
SHORT RIB truffle, velvet pioppini, chicory, manchego
VENISON cauliflower, potato, prune, almond, red wine, clove, anise
NY STRIP salt cod, potato, haricot vert, romanesco, garlic
STURGEON vermouth, lamb, kale, potato, tomato
BLACK COD fennel, verjus rouge, grape

Third course
PEAR bosc, chocolate, almond
DATE pistachio, root beer, ginger
LEMON sour cherry, goat cheese, cilantro, pink peppercorn
APPLE malt, cardamom, vinegar

Menu via Metromix

Dale Levitski’s Overhauled Sprout Menu Revealed