The Other Critics

City Table and City Girl Surprise, Delight

Crostini at Channel Cafe
Crostini at Channel Cafe Photo: Channel Cafe

• Robert Nadeau has three stars for City Table: “the food at City Table tastes right, and not just to tourists. It is well positioned in the Lenox tradition of conservative good taste, like unto but less extravagant than the Ritz — uh, I mean Taj. Service is not what it was in the heyday of either grand hotel, but it works. When the food works, everything works, at least for this critic.” [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats visits the revamped City Girl Cafe, where the menu is filled with “small, happy surprises” like rosemary lemonade and a caprini pizza. [Globe]

• Devra First doesn’t love North 26 and gives it one lone star: The food at North 26 needs a sure hand to bring it back in line with the appealing menu.” [Globe]

• Mat Schaffer gives Channel Cafe a B, with a rave for chef Brian Van Etten: “Van Etten doesn’t cook fancily. He eschews glitz for simplicity. He cooks with his soul. I’m enrolling in his fan club.” [Herald]

• MC Slim JB visits the Tavern at the End of the World in Charlestown where he finds a lot to love: “very friendly staff, laid-back and unpretentious atmosphere, terrific beer, good music, nice prices.” [Phoenix]

City Table and City Girl Surprise, Delight