Bloomberg Praises Brooklyn Eats; Cake Boss Picked Up for Round Two

• The second season of Cake Boss (The Ace of Cakes meets Hoboken) will take Jon and Kate Plus 8’s spot on TLC, Monday nights at 9 p.m., starting November 30. [NYP]

• Mayor Bloomberg ate in Brooklyn last night and praised the borough as a revitalized dining scene: “Time and time again, when I say, ‘Where do you want to go to have dinner?’ Friends who’ve come from out of town pick restaurants in Brooklyn, and that is really different.” [NYP]

• Steve Cuozzo pipes in to say the real Brooklyn dining is immigrant food, not the hipstaurants Bloomie referred to. [NYP]

• Bloomberg was in the borough because the city paid Thor Equities $95.6 million for 6.9 acres in Coney Island yesterday. Councilman Domenic M. Recchia explained new zoning: “The old zoning didn’t even allow a family restaurant in the amusement area. If you went to Coney Island and were looking for a [sit-down] restaurant, you could go to Gargiulo’s, but that’s it.” [Brooklyn Eagle]

• Bobby Flay will open an outlet of Bar Americain at Mohegan Sun. [Boston Herald]

• Michael Pslikakis created dishes for a Ketel One food cart that will give out free food in the meatpacking district the nights of December 3 through 5 from midnight to 2 a.m. The publicity stunt will also give sponsored rides home. [Feed/TONY]

• In an effort to halt falling stock prices, McDonald’s plans to increase capital spending next year, with a focus on remodeling 2,300 stores, and opening only half that many. (They’ve already brought back the McRib in L.A.) [CNN Money, Eater]

Bloomberg Praises Brooklyn Eats; Cake Boss Picked Up for Round Two