Buttercream Cupcake Truck Going Part-Time for Winter

After launching with a twitter-hyped bang over the summer, the Buttercream Truck has become a victim of its own success and is slashing its cupcake trucking schedule to just three stops a week. Owner Kate Carrara writes on the Buttercream site that both she and the truck - which recently suffered a fuel-related meltdown - are feeling under the weather and need to take a few months off to regroup. Click through to read her full message and new schedule.

Via the Buttercream website:

I started this business thinking I would grow slowly, one cupcake at a time, and by next spring, I would be up to capacity. Didn’t happen that way! As soon as I started, demand was much higher than I could keep up with and I have been pushing myself to try to keep up. We had to switch kitchens for more room! We hired more staff. I was flying by the seat of my pants without a real plan.

Unfortunately, I have now gotten myself sick and run down. Cupcake Truck is old and probably not able to do all the driving I have been demanding. To give me and the old girl time to plan and recoup, here is our plan going forward: From now until February 15, 2010, we are going to be on a limited schedule of 3 stops per week, wednesday, thursday and fridays. I am going to take that time to rebuild the engine of cupcake truck, get a great plan going, incorporate and all that good stuff.

We will have a big re-launch for Valentine’s Day with specials and extra stops. We are going to try to plan it so we can be all over the city and make trips to places like South Philly, Northeast Philly, Manayunk, etc. without “breaking down on 76” fears.

The truck will now be in University City on Wednesdays, near Temple on Thursdays and at 20th and Arch on Fridays. View the full schedule on the Buttercream calendar.

Buttercream Cupcake Truck Going Part-Time for Winter