Breed Street Food Vendors Gently Push Back in Boyle Heights

A Boyle Heights food vendor
A Boyle Heights food vendor Photo: TheEastsider LA via Flickr

Over the last few weeks we’ve followed the subjugation of our city’s beloved street food vendors which has spread across demographics from east side standbys to cooks riding the growing wave of fusion trucks in Santa Monica. Not comfortable with letting a part of its culture and economy drift away, Boyle Heights is gently pushing back against this attempted eradication of street food. El Random Hero alerts us to a petition circulating on L.A. Eastside that seeks to establish a nightly market giving food vendors recently chased off of Breed St. a fixed location to sell their goods free of police harassment.

The petition, which acknowledges “it is always important to support diverse and robust economic opportunities for community members,” speaks to the city-wide issue at large and should placate feisty restaurant owners by putting street food in a less competitive radius. In exchange for the space, vendors would have to pay fees and stay compliant with health and safety regulations, possibly providing a double-edged sword for great impromptu street eats made by chefs lacking or denied their documention (the petition appears to have been started by Councilmember Jose Huizar, among others). To support Boyle Heights’ night market, sign the petition here.

Sign the Petition for Breed Street Vendors [L.A. Eastside]

Breed Street Food Vendors Gently Push Back in Boyle Heights