Boston Could Have A Shake Shack By Next Summer

A Shake Shack double cheeseburger
A Shake Shack double cheeseburger Photo: scardey_kat/Flickr

An eatery could open at Boston Common’s Pink Palace as early as next summer, City Council president Michael Ross tells Grub Street. In what has to be an encouraging sign for the Shake Shack’s bid for the space, Ross says that the original Shake Shack in New York’s Madison Square Park was part of the inspiration for a Common restaurant: “I convened a trip to New York with a few other city councilors and the Parks Commissioner and we saw how dynamic and exciting the restaurants in the city’s parks, like the Shake Shack, were. These are things that Boston has not done. The Common is America’s first park and it’s a great space, but it’s showing its wear. It needs revitalization. If you look at a neighborhood like the South End, you can see that restaurants are small businesses that can change neighborhoods.”

The next step for the Shake Shack and the other proposed Common eatery, The Common House, is to submit a formal Request for Proposal, which Ross hopes will be in by January: “I would like to see something open by warm weather next year.” Us too!

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Boston Could Have A Shake Shack By Next Summer