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Al Roker’s Nonfiction Barbecue Favorites

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Al Roker’s new mystery novel, The Morning Show Murders, centers around a celebrity chef whose LES restaurant serves French food like poisonous coq au vin, but the author himself would prefer to open a barbecue joint. “You know, something American, quintessential American,” he told us at the book’s launch party at SushiSamba 7 last night. “I love, if you’re talking sit-down, Dinosaur, Hill Country, Rack & Soul,” Roker recommended. ”For just pure takeout, Daisy May’s is fantastic.”

Roker’s sticking with the American theme for Thanksgiving, too, and bringing roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts to his brother’s house for the holiday, he said. That’s only a slightly less ambitious menu than Ann Curry’s, who (since she doesn’t have parade duty in the morning) said she was brining her turkey and making cranberry sauce with cognac.

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Al Roker’s Nonfiction Barbecue Favorites