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Is Tar Pit’s Pizza Oven Too Close for Mozza’s Comfort?

Wood-burning pizza oven at Mozza
Wood-burning pizza oven at Mozza Photo: Inuyaki via Flickr Creative Commons

Inquiring foodies want to know: Who is installing a pizza oven in their unfinished Hollywood restaurant space, just short a half-mile from Batali and Silverton’s Pizzeria Mozza? Turns out it could be Nancy Silverton’s ex-husband Mark Peel and partner Jay Perrin, who The L.A. Times outed as the potential pizza pimps in their The Informer column this Saturday. “Peel’s addition of a pizza oven” at The Tar Pit is not merely a boon to the city and the late-night Hollywood scene, but according to The Times’ Calendar section, potentially controversial. “What could be more scandalous than specializing in pizza when your ex-wife’s pizzeria is just 0.4 miles away?,” the story asks.

Considering the bad P.R. our pizza gets and the stress nailing down a seat at Mozza can offer, we see another chef-driven gourmet slice as nothing but a benefit. We also can’t imagine Silverton feeling shaken much, with Mozza still standing as L.A.’s big ticket. Bring it on, Tar Pit, let’s see what you’ve got!

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Is Tar Pit’s Pizza Oven Too Close for Mozza’s Comfort?