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Who’s the Hottest Farmer of Them All?

Amyitis Gardens' David Stockhausen
Amyitis Gardens’ David Stockhausen Photo: Courtesy David Stockhausen

Two farmers, representing San Francisco and upstate New York, respectively, are in the midst of a battle royale for the crown in the Huffington Post’s “hot farmers” contest. The contest got entries from coast to coast, and Clintondale, NY’s Billiam Van Roestenberg currently leads the pack. But wait: The Mission District’s own David Stockhausen is nipping at his heels in second place and could overtake him. Mission Mission notes that Stochkausen held the first place early in the contest.

Stockhausen runs an operation called Amyitis Gardens, which helps Mission District residents set up backyard gardens then hooks them up with restaurants like Weird Fish and The Corner, which give them discounts in exchange for some of their produce. Van Rostenberg grows organic apples, vegetables, and eggs, and leases trees to individuals on his Liberty View Farm. The farmers don’t seem to be taking the contest aspect as seriously as we are, though. “I think anybody with a bushel full of vegetables, covered in dirt and sweat is sexy,” Stockhausen told Grub Street.

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Who’s the Hottest Farmer of Them All?