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How to Eat Philly’s Lunch Before The Game Today

Cheesesteak Photo: JSPatchwork via Flickr

We’re going to chalk up last night’s Dodger loss to the Phillies strictly to bad psychology. From now on, we need to move like our enemy, think like our enemy, and more importantly, eat like our enemy. DiscoverLosAngeles reminds us today that there are some things about Philly we appreciate around here–namely Will Smith, Kobe, and Rocky. We’d also like to remind you that L.A. has a whole lot of Philly food to call its own, from the requisite cheesesteaks to even a few TastyKakes. Please enjoy our guide to filling your bellies with Philadelphia’s fine cuisine today in L.A.

Philadelphia Sandwiches
Philadelphia Sandwiches bookends the Valley with two locations, one in North Hollywood and one in Tarzana. They don’t use Cheese Wiz on their steak, something Californians appreciate more than homesick Philly natives do, though we’re told Cheese Wiz only tastes good past midnight and your seventh beer. Like every cheesesteak shop, there is much debate on whether it’s authentic or not, but we think it’s pretty darn good, nonetheless. San Fernando Valley

Philly’s Best
Philly’s Best is L.A. County’s biggest cheesesteak chain, with over 20 locations spread throughout, a very good cheese steak and hoagie, plus a surplus of Philly décor. Started by native Philadelphians in 1992, the store strives for authenticity, using requisite Amoroso rolls, and accessorizing with Wise chips, TastyKakes, and Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer. City-wide

Philly Connection
Sports club regalia reigns at this authentic Philly eatery in Old Town Monrovia. In addition to strips of rib-eye and imported Philadelphia rolls, they sell Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, an addictive, a nostalgic treat from the City of Brotherly Love enjoyed all over the East Coast. Monrovia

The Bazaar
We recently let it be known that Jose Andres’ tiny, gastronomically engineered Philly cheesesteaks managed to hit all the right notes and then some in recreating an authentic taste in a nontraditional version. If you can manage to squeeze in today, don’t miss this delicate version on air puffed bread, even if the gorgeously insane space looks nothing like South Philadelphia’s 9th St., where famous Pat’s and Genoes duke it out. West Hollywood

The Must Bar
The cheesesteak at this Downtown bar might not be too traditional either, with its sirloin and caramelized onions on a ciabatta roll with cheddar and provolone, but it is tasty nonetheless. At $12, it is more expensive than Jose Andres’ version. Philly is a beer town, though, and Must shines with a huge collection of drafts and bottled beers, though Yuegling does not appear. Downtown

Philly West Bar and Grill
This sports bar in Westwood could be the ideal spot to watch the game without flare. Though the cheesesteak is decent, their hoagie is the thing to order. Plus, it gets points for being down-to-earth in the midst of student central. Philly West feels like it should be named Philly South for its everyday clientele. Westwood

South Philly Experience
The new kids on the block. Here we have the traveling cheesesteak from a bunch of Jersey dudes in a truck. The crew earns its stripes for offering Amaroso rolls, a choice of Wiz, provolone, or American cheese, plus a meatball sub, as well as TastyKakes for dessert. Catch them today in front of Sony Studios from 11:30-2:30 p.m. City-wide

The Shack
Dubbing itself “The Home of the Eagles,” this is headquarters for Philadelphians who want to be among their own. This bar is dedicated to Philadelphia in every way possible, with a menu that has five cheesesteaks brought by Pennsylvania-native owner Pat. The cheese steaks are pretty good, but if you need to know your enemy on the baseball field, this is the den of vipers to perch at. Sadly, even they don’t serve Yuengling, which doesn’t seem to have a distributor in these parts. Let’s hope that throws Ryan Howard off his game. Santa Monica

Sports Harbour

Not far away from The Shack in Santa Monica is this other Eagles-centric bar in Marina del Rey. It gets rowdy come game time and if the Dodgers lose again, has Jaegar on tap to help you forget you were ever born. Marina del Rey/Mar Vista

Go Dodgers!

How to Eat Philly’s Lunch Before The Game Today