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Where to Cheer On the Yankees for Cheap

The Yankees and Angels square off tonight in the Bronx for the first game of the American League Championship Series. If you didn’t manage to get tickets to the games, or you prefer to stay indoors on cold, rainy nights, park yourself somewhere where the TV is on and the drinks are cheap. We’ve got some suggestions.

• It’s best to wear as much Yankee gear as possible to SideBAR, which will be giving out free peanuts and Cracker Jack, cotton candy, and hot dogs during the seventh-inning stretch to those showing Yankee pride. During the rest of the game, you can drink $5 Bronx Bombers (Bud Light with a shot of Amaretto), or stick to just Bud Light, which will be $25 per bucket.

• If you feel the need to get as close to the stadium as possible — without actually having a ticket in hand, of course — head to Yankee Tavern, a long fly ball away from the new ballpark. Drinks are $5 during the game.

• Every time a Yankee hits a home run, you’ll get a free shot at the Cornerstone Tavern. Given the probable Angels starters — John Lackey (Friday) has given up 17 homers in 176 innings, while Joe Saunders (Saturday) has given up 29 in 186 innings — your chances of getting plastered for free are arguably better tomorrow.

Bar 108 boasts an extensive wine and beer list, but for sports games, the bar keeps it simple: $15 Bud Light pitchers and $20 buckets of Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, and MGD 64.

• Pay $20 and you can drink as much Coors Light as you want during the game at Southern Hospitality, or get a pitcher of Miller Light for $10. The restaurant will offer some appetizer specials as well, like $5 nachos and wings.

Where to Cheer On the Yankees for Cheap