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Where Should Obama Eat in Boston?

President Obama will visit the Hub on Friday, reports the Globe. Though he’s only slated to be in our city for the afternoon, giving a speech on energy at MIT before stopping by a Deval Patrick fundraiser at the Copley Westin, we don’t see why he couldn’t squeeze in a quick bite. Our picks for the President are below. Where would you like to see Obama eat? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Oleana: Sure, theoretically they’ll only open for lunch for parties of fifteen or more, but we’re willing to bet they’d make an exception for the Commander in Chief. Obama’s shown a preference for farm-to-table cooking before, dining at Blue Hill in New York, and Oleana’s focus on seasonal, local food is right up his alley. Also, it’s convenient to MIT.

Sel De La Terre: Another farm-to-table option. Louis DiBiccari’s food has ridiculously high buzz right now and it’s casual enough that Fox News won’t grumble about elitism.

Clover Food Truck: Our personal favorite option. What’s not to love? It’s fast, it’s healthy, it’s an ultra-local, ultra-small business, and Obama could join the legions of food truck fans.

Where would you like to see Obama eat?

Where Should Obama Eat in Boston?