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Where Can You Find L.A.-Style Food in Philly?

It’s not easy being a visiting sports fan in Philly, but come Sunday’s home game, Dodgers fans will descend on the city. Should we make them feel welcome by pelting them with snowballs, batteries and cheesesteaks or should we offer them some suggestions of places they can locate their hometown cuisine? We can play nice, West Coast people, so read on for our suggestions of where to eat in Philly to make yourselves feel like you’re home in L.A. Sort of.

We checked in with Grub Street L.A. editor, Hadley Tomicki, who suggested L.A. cuisine might include everything from In-N-Out style burgers, tacos, Korean, ramen, sushi, Harvey Wallbangers and other old-school cocktails, farmers’ market-driven menus that are constantly changing and French dips. Hold the ramen, but we have all of those things!

In-N-Out Style Burgers: Twittering madman Tommy Up’s PYT is probably the closest we come to an L.A. varietal burger. Philly burgers are generally thick and robust, like our people. Warning to Dodgers fans - Up serves whiskey shots with pickle juice chasers every time the Phillies score a home run, so you may leave thirsty, but he’s reserved an entire section of his bar for you.

Tacos: Head to the Italian Market (or on Sunday, to Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market) for Tacos al Pastor from Los Taquitos de Puebla, or Taqueria Veracruzana; Jose Garces’s Distrito serves tacos against a backdrop of Mexican wrestler masks and Cantina Los Caballitos has all types of tacos - even vegan - and televisions for watching the game.

Sushi: Morimoto’s original restaurant is here in Philly; Penn students love the conveyor belt at Pod, tiny Zento also has a lot of fans, as does Vic.

Harvey Wallbangers: We have many, many bars here. All of them have vodka, with which to make a Harvey Wallbanger. Except for The Franklin, which does not believe in vodka. Try ordering one at the Four Seasons’ Swann Lounge, where they’ll be showing the game. For true old-school bar atmosphere, may we recommend Italian steakhouse The Saloon?

Farmers’ Market-Driven Menus: Supper, Noble, Matyson, to name just a few.

French Dip: Head to Nodding Head for a “Famous French Dip.”

Korean and Ramen: Our ramen situation is dire; for Korean, you might try Miran or Miga or perhaps you’ll travel way out to the almost ‘burbs to Cafe Soho.

We can’t guarantee that anyone wearing blue will be treated nicely at any of these places, but perhaps these tastes of home will offer solace to Dodgers fans when they lose?

If you’re a Phillies fan out in L.A. right now, check out these places to visit to feel at home.

Where Can You Find L.A.-Style Food in Philly?