What to Eat in Gyenari’s New Korean Beer Garden, Open Thursday

Photo: Gyenari

Gyenari never stops adding elements to its contemporary Korean restaurant in Culver City. Just in time for October’s tradition of swilling beer among the great outdoors comes the introduction of a new outdoor patio that features its own menu of Korean beer tavern eats, to debut this Thursday. The menu involves the input of The Next Food Network Star’s Debbie Lee, who is not only a cousin to Gyenari’s owner, but appears to have moved in, as this is the second culinary contribution she’s lent after bringing her “Seoul-ful” menu here in August.

The new patio strives to resemble a Korean beer garden with the simple use of shrubs and wooden benches. The menu is comprised of small plates that one might find in a Korean tavern, where we hear drinking can often be an extreme sport.

There are skewers like bacon with quail egg for three dollars and plates involving Lee’s favorite culture clash of Southern and Korean cooking in panko-crusted catfish, chile ginger chicken meatballs, and stir-fried calamari. This menu is only offered to those opting to dine outside, with hopes to rally neighborhood merry-makers for cocktails and people-watching on the sidewalk.

To celebrate the debut of the patio and new menu, this weekend, any purchase from the beer garden menu is rewarded with 50% off another dish, skewers excluded. Gyenari’s full Korean Beer Garden menu is below.


Assorted Skewers to include…(per piece)
Mushroom and Tomato
Eggplant and Red Onions
Ginger Soy Beef
Quail Egg and Bacon
Spicy Pork or Chicken
Pork Belly and Scallion
Tofu, Ginger BBQ Glaze

Duk Boki, Pan Fried Rice Cylinders in Onions and Korean Chile Paste
Sweet Egg Omelet, Sriracha Ketchup
Kimbap, Korean Style Sushi Roll with Prime Beef or Kimchee
Grilled Tofu, Spicy Scallion Salsa

Udon, Bonito Broth, Spinach, Red Onions, Nori, Japanese Popcorn
Wok tossed Kimchee with choice of Pork Belly or Tofu
Chile Ginger Chicken Meatballs
Griddled Spam, Fried Egg, Pimento Maple Syrup
Ramen, Pork Broth, Kombu, and Fried Mushrooms

Panko Crusted Catfish, Kimchee Aioli
Korean Style Hamburger Steak, Soy Demi-Glace
Chicken or Pork Tonkatsu, Vegetable Curry
Country Fried Rice with Blackeyed Peas, Crispy Pork Belly, Roasted Seaweed

Half Twice Fried Chicken, Seoul Style, Chile Sauce, Sea Salt
Manilla Clams, Fried Garlic, Soju Broth
Stir Fried Calarmari, Korean Chile Bean Sauce, Seasonal Veggies

What to Eat in Gyenari’s New Korean Beer Garden, Open Thursday